Villa delle Rose Hotel wishes you a pleasant stay. The hotel, with its wellness centre, is the ideal place to pamper yourself or to relax after a business meeting or a long and active day. Here, you can enjoy your time in full relax having a sauna or Jacuzzi  or you can chilling out in our relaxation rooms.


Finnish sauna

The steam room reaches temperatures of approximately 80-90°C with low humidity rates. This is the original steam bath of nordic culture. Thanks to the heat and skin perspiration, the body detoxes and the whole immune defense system is strengthened.


Although many are the beneficial effects of the sauna, not all people enjoy high temperatures and some may have specific conditions not to be able to access it. The Biosauna is the right solution. It can be considered a “light sauna” as the temperature is not higher than 50°C and the humidity is at 65 and 70%. It works as the hay bath treatment using in addition essential oils which relax both body and mind and increase the sauna beneficial effects. The body can perspire and detox in a more gentle way than in standard saunas because it is not stressed by high temperatures. It is proved that Biosauna promotes the body’s natural healing system and benefits also the cardiovascular one.


In addition to this, our hotel offers  a Beauty Center (on request at the Reception)